Monday, July 21, 2008

Naturally formed honey comb

This is how wild bees build their honey combs.  The white dots are capped cells filled with honey.  The honey colored cells are waiting for the nectar to evaporate enough to become honey before capping.  The pure white area is the comb before honey is deposited into the cells.

The picture below is four layers of honey comb with enough space between for a bee to walk.


Have you ever bought organic produce wrapped in plastic and/or styrofoam and wondered what you were doing?

Buying food at your local farmer's market allows you to know it was grown locally and not wrapped in plastic and shipped across the country by a corporation that cares little how fresh it is or how good for you it may be.  There is potential for plastic to leak toxins into the food they cover or the water they contain.  Organic food in plastic is an oxymoron.

Here is another one:  Ever think about "free range chickens" roaming free and happy ?  At the corporation farms that grow birds all they have is a door to the outside that the chickens never exit because they are afraid of being outside after having grown up indoors.  The "free range" afforded them is a very small fenced area that meets government standards for creation of the terminology "free range."  No such thing as a truly free range chicken for sale unless you find it at the farmers market or in your own yard.  

At the farmer's market,  ask the egg/chicken vendor how they handle their chickens.  You will enjoy the answers.  It is interesting what you can train a free ranging flock of field birds to do.